A Look at the Top 5 Golf Courses in Scotland

The Road Hole at St Andrews (photo by Getty Images)

While there are quite a few golf courses in Scotland which stay open throughout the entire year, most will at least be open from April through October. For those looking to get in a bit of putting practice, you might want to check out some Scottish courses to see their hours of operation and what it takes to gain entry to the green. Whether you are new to the sport because of a lucky winning bet or looking for something to do during the offseason when football isn’t in play, you can find what you are looking for using this guide from Ladbrokes. You might want to start with the top five golf courses in Scotland.

1. St Andrews Links – Old Course at St Andrews

As one of the oldest golf courses on earth, over 600 years for that matter, you will surely want to visit this course over any other. Now, in the 21st Century, golfers play more than 230,000 holes each and every year and, interestingly enough, golf isn’t the only attraction to St Andrews. With plenty of shops and clubhouses, you’ll find something to do, something to eat, and somewhere to buy a souvenir to bring along with you on your trip back home.

2. Kingsbarns Golf Links

Kingsbarns Golf Links might not be most golfers’ second place in a Scottish top five, but as one of the newest courses in the country, it does bear mentioning. Here you have a brand new gold course situated just 7 miles from the oldest course in the world. One day, putt your way through history, and the next, go for a hole in one at a course with all the modern amenities you could hope for.

3. West Links at North Berwick

As a Scottish course that has hosted many events over the years, the West Links is considered to be a ‘true championship course’ by pro and amateur golfers alike. What many golfers appreciate is that by the time you reach the 6th hole, the sea is right there beside you, calming a golfer looking for that often elusive 1 under. Keep your raw nerves in check at West Links to experience what it’s like to score under rather than over, maybe for the first time ever!

4. Royal Dornoch

While not as old as the Old Course at St Andrews, only two-thirds as old as a matter of fact, this 400-year course is also considered a championship course. Having celebrated that fourth centennial just last year in 2016, you will not want to miss another bit of history when touring the top five golf courses in Scotland.

5. Castle Stuart Golf Links

Yes, the course is lovely and notable for hosting the 2013 Scottish Open, but many find the intriguing design of the clubhouse to be one of the attractions, alongside the amazing playability of the links. Whether you are looking for a great course to play or some spectacular amenities, you will certainly want to visit Castle Stuart Golf Links.

So there you have the top five golf courses in Scotland, any of which will delight you as both a sportsman and a spectator.

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