Gear in Focus: Titleist Vokey SM6 Wedges

Vokey_SM6_FamilyEven golfers possessing just a passing interest in golf equipment will probably have heard of ‘Bob Vokey’ at some point; this is a man who has dedicated over 20 years to crafting high-performance wedges, helping the world’s best players and amateur golfers alike to maximise their short-game potential.

So it was no surprise that the biennial Vokey launch was keenly anticipated once again. The new Vokey SM6 (Spin Milled) wedges arrive at a time when one of the hottest topics in the equipment world centres on gapping. As manufacturers have been busy designing clubs that go further – and making the game easier – club professionals have had a bigger job on their hands helping their customers establish

consistent gaps in their bag – and this is critical in the wedge department. Put simply, your wedges are your scoring clubs – and that’s something no one appreciates more than Bob Vokey. Some interesting design changes reflect this, such as new centre of gravity positioning, to help players with their distance consistency and control. On top of this, loft options are available in 46 to 62 degrees, with five grinds providing superb choice for different swing types.Key facts and figures titleist sm6

One of the key aspects of the SM re-design is the new progressive centre of gravity (CG) positions that line up with the impact areas of each loft to help produce more consistent distance and trajectory control. The lower CG positions in the 46 to 52 wedges are more similar to what you’d find in an iron set, which should make pitching and chipping easier from club to club.

A mid-CG position in the 54 to 56 degree lofts aids gapping and feel, with a higher CG on the 58 to 62 degree wedges accounting for the type of shot more typical with this loft – such as bunker and flop shots.SM6 56 08M Toe CG Hero

In addition, Spin Milled TX4 grooves and a parallel face texture help produce sharper and more consistent groove edges and up to 200rpm more spin. Five grinds – F, M, S, K and L – provide every player with the shot versatility needed to shoot lower scores. If a traditional sole is what you’re after, there’s the F grind with medium to high bounce. This all-purpose wedge is particularly suited for full shots. Meanwhile, the M grind is ideal for players looking for versatility around the greens.

Each grind option considers the various shots every golfer requires so they’re able to individualise their wedge line-up – and with three finish options (Tour Chrome, Steel Grey and Jet Black), players are able to personalise their clubs further still.summary sm6 wedges

Master craftsman, Bob Vokey, continues to tweak and improve his wedge design. With the CG more behind the ball, players should be able to control their flight more easily. Tour players rely on precision engineering helping them to hit their exact numbers, but amateur golfers need that help – and arguably have a lot more to gain in terms of improvement, certainly where the short game is concerned.

With such choice within the range, you’re not only able to get custom-fitted for your swing type, but also the course conditions. This all makes visiting a professional a more exciting prospect, because a custom-fitting process now has even more to offer – which should help translate to a better short game. It begs the question: what next for wedge design?

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