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It was hit and hope, says 27-handicapper Danny after his ace on a par four

A 27-handicap golfer left fellow members at London Scottish bewildered recently and asking themselves “Is he the highest-handicapper to score an ace on a par four?”

While most high-handicappers would do well even to reach the green on a par four, the golfing gods smiled on Danny Lott, giving him the strength to hole his 278-yard tee shot.

The exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club has rewarded more than 5,500 golfers with a limited-edition timepiece for scoring a hole-in-one during a club competition – but Lott is one of the few to have achieved the feat on a par four.

Lott, 31, from Wimbledon, achieved his monster ace with a three-wood on the 16th at London Scottish, and he was rewarded with membership of the exclusive BOSS Watches H1Club and a specially-commissioned, commemorative timepiece.

But it was the fact that Lott’s albatross – or double eagle as it’s referred to on the US tours – was scored on such a long hole that raises the achievement above those of the vast majority of BOSS Watches H1Club members.

He said: “I was standing on the tee having not made a putt all day. I just wanted good solid contact which I

finally got and the ball flew straight at the green with a 10-yard right to left draw.

“I shouted, ‘Fore, on the green!’ – which was probably my favourite sentence ever – and the three golfers on the green stopped putting and looked around to make sure they weren’t going to be killed by the ball.

“Then, all their arms went up as they cheered when my ball dropped in without the flag, which made it even more special. I didn’t believe it until I got up to the green and was congratulated by the guys teeing off on the 17th. My playing partner still maintains that his birdie on the next hole was the best shot of the day.”

Lott – a commercial account manager for an insurance company in south-west London – has been playing golf for only a year, after becoming interested in the sport following last year’s Masters.

He added: “I try to play once or twice a week – whenever the ‘missus’ lets me out of the house. This was my first ever hole-in-one and I’m really glad it was in a competition, although it didn’t help me win it. The secret to my hole-in-one was hit the ball and hope for the best.


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