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Wilson defies powerful wind to find the target

Prestwick golfer Billy Wilson has plenty to smile about following a hole-in-one on his 66th birthday.

What’s more, he received the perfect present in the shape of a limited-edition BOSS watch as recognition for the achievement.

The five-handicapper carded his ace on the 227-yard 18th at his club, Prestwick St Nicholas, during the 150th Anniversary Penny strokeplay competition. He said: “My tee shot on the 18th was into a wind said to be gusting at 40mph. At 227 yards, the hole is demanding in any conditions, so, for me, it required a really strong hit with a driver.

“The tee is slightly below the level of the green and there is a rise in front, so while the flag can be seen, the hole is not visible.

“I hit hard and struck well with the driver, and the ball stayed on a good, slightly left-to-right line, drawing on to the flag. My only concern was it would be too short to carry the rise before the green.

“However, the ball came down on top of the rise and then on to the green. My immediate thought was I’d have a chance to make a birdie.

“I’ve had three holes-in-one spanning a 60-year playing career: the previous one was 25 years ago in a competition and the first one was 25 years before in a game with friends.”

At this rate, Wilson should achieve his next hole-in-one when he’s in his 90s!


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