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Jaw dropping double by Cockermouth duo

The BOSS Watches H1Club has seen more than 6,500 registered aces in a raft of shapes and sizes, rewarding each successful player with the much-coveted BOSS timepiece.

But the astronomical odds of two golfers carding consecutive holes-in-one had never before been defied – that is, until very recently, when Jeff Wright and John Watters came on to the scene.

The club golfers, from Workington in Cumbria, achieved the back-to-back aces on the 133-yard, par-three ninth at their club, Cockermouth, while playing in a three-ball during a monthly Stableford.

Wright, 78, who plays off 17, was the first to hit the target, teeing off second in the group.

He said: “I was part of a three-ball and the first player, Steve, landed on the green about eight feet from the hole.

“I played next with an eight-iron, which I teed high, and it landed next to Steve’s ball, but then ran towards the hole and went in.

“I just stood there and could not believe what I’d just seen. My playing partners – Steve and John – both cheered and shook my hand.”

But the golfing gods, in mind-bogglingly rare form, continued to work their magic as, just a few moments later, Watters, 73, who was last to tee off, found it was his moment to shine.

He said: “After witnessing Steve and Jeff’s shots, I joked there would be no room in the hole for my ball now. I played my shot with a seven-iron and it landed on the green and rolled into the hole for a hole-in-one.

“We all shared a joyful minute celebrating this rare coincidence.”

Wright added: “When we watched John’s shot run round Steve’s ball, hit the pin and drop in the hole we stood for a moment, in complete shock.

“Then, when we realised what had happened, we erupted in cheers and shook hands vigorously.

“It appears this is the first time in the club’s history that two consecutive holes-in-one have been achieved.”


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