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Pro tips for golfers: Simple ways to up your straight ball game

Just like with any other sport, succeeding on the golf course takes lots of patience and consistent practice.

For a successful game, a beginner has to perfect a lot of aspects, such as posture, swing, style of play, etc. However, one of the hardest things that you will have to master is hitting those balls straight.

Hitting each ball successfully mostly depends on the golfer’s technique and mechanics. There is no universal recipe for success, however, knowing certain insider tips can never hurt! In this article, we are going to share some pro tricks and tips on how to get those hits with ease.

Top Tips For Straighter Hits

Think of your posture and grip first. It is fair to say that whatever you do before the swing is actually way more important than the way you swing. By saying this, we mean that posture and grip can really make a difference, and here are few tips to consider in the first place:

  • Choose a grip that feels natural and convenient
  • Pay attention to how your body weight is distributed
  • Control the position of your shoulders and feet
  • Be loose and don’t forget to bend
  • Make sure your body is parallel with the target

Line up ball and club head with the aim. This is a nice tip for giving you a clear visual cue.

Get ready for a swing. When you have chosen the right posture and aligned with the target, here are the next steps to make:

  • Begin with shifting your weight
  • For a downswing, tilt your shoulder
  • Be sure to lead the swing with your hips for a more powerful hit
  • Get back to your initial position right after you make a hit (if you can manage to do this, it will ensure the right trajectory of ball’s flight)

Extra tips for success:

  1. Try different techniques to define what suits you and each particular situation the most.
  2. Always take full control over your power.
  3. Pay attention to additional circumstances such as wind.
  4. Choose the approach shot that suits you.

Straightest Golf Balls To Opt For

The tips provided above will help you learn the right techniques for hitting straight. They are mostly aimed at enhancing the way you move during the swing, which, in its turn, results in more accurate shots. However, that’s not all you have to consider.

This may surprise some beginners, but the direction and quality of your shots don’t completely depend on your skills and moves. The club, balls, and other supplies you use also matter!

What defines the straightest golf balls? Here are a few key characteristics:

  • They mostly have one or two-piece construction, whereas balls with 3 or more layers add extra spin, which doesn’t contribute to straight hit.

They are the hardest. Again, in order to hit balls straight, you need to reduce the spin it has in the air. How to reach this? It’s quite simple – the harder your ball is, the less spin you get, which results in its straighter flight.


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