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The world’s FIVE most expensive golf courses to play

Golf is not the cheapest game to play and many of the world’s best golf courses are also the most expensive. Top of the range courses cost a pretty penny to play around at. Golf fans preparing to watch the next big PGA or LPGA tournament can register here and wager on their favourite golfers before they tee off at another of the world’s exclusive golf courses.

Due to the landscape, location, legacy, and architecture of a golf course, the prices can be incredibly high. Not all golfers can play the following courses due to their high green fees, but it is great to dream about walking their manicured fairways at least once.

Iwate Hirono

The price of land in Japan is extremely high, especially around its major cities. Due to Japan being a relatively small island, the price of property can increase the cost of other activities, including golf.

Iwate Hirono will set golfers back around $550 for 18-holes. For many, this would be a once in a lifetime round of golf and well worth it. The course is very peaceful thanks to its quiet natural setting.

It is said Iwate Hirono is patterned after Pine Valley but offers its own unique challenges that fool golfers.

Pebble Beach

Pebble Beach is one of the most dramatic golf courses in the United States. It sits on the California coast and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Players can hear and see the waves crash onto the shore in between shots.

Due to its ever-growing iconic status in golf, Pebble Beach has seen its green fees increased in recent years. The course, which was playable for less than $100 in the 1970s, now coasts golfers $550 to experience.

Shadow Creek Golf Course

Shadow Creek costs a whopping $500 per round of golf and it wows high rollers when they visit Las Vegas, Nevada.

Shadow Creek was conceived by casino and luxury hotel owner Steve Wynn. The golf course was built in 1989 and has earned the reputation for having some of the best, if not the best, customer service in the golf world.

In fact, it is said the customer service is one reason for the high green fees. The course is lovely to play as well.

The Royal Melbourne

Australia’s The Royal Melbourne is a gorgeous golf course down under. It is claimed The Royal Melbourne is the “epitome” of Australian golf and a must-play course for anyone visiting the country.

The course is incredibly challenging due to the bushes, shrubs, and other items that have been added to the terrain that separate golfers from the green. There are also a lot of slopes golfers must navigate.

Although the cost for locals is just $300, foreign visitors must pay $500 to play the same round of golf.

Pinehurst No. 2

Read any of the reviews amateur golfers have written about Pinehurst No. 2 and it is easy to tell spending over $400 on a round of golf is well worth the experience.

Situated in Pinehurst, North Carolina, Pinehurst No. 2 is one of nine golf courses at the resort. It is a bucket list course that attracts amateurs from all over the globe. Professionals also flock to it to play. While the other golf courses at Pinehurst are great to play, the natural beauty, challenges, and gentle slopes of No. 2 cannot be topped.


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