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Hit the links: How to plan your golf course bachelor party

Bachelor parties are an important rite of passage for any man. They are also a lot of fun when done right.

There seems to be a cliche about bachelor parties that they have to be a weekend of complete debauchery if you want to send your friend off in style. These days, more people are turning their backs on the strip joints and going to a classier way to have a bachelor party.

There’s plenty of fun to be had out on the golf course and done right, it can be the experience of a lifetime if your friend is a real golf fanatic.

In this article, we will go over some ways to make this a bachelor party to remember.

Hit the road

The best option for a great bachelor party is to travel somewhere. Sure, you have a great golf course in your town where you all learned to play. But, to make this memorable, it’s best to get to some of the top golf courses in the country.

Go to a once in a lifetime course like Pinehurst Golf, or Pebble Beach. Public courses, I should add so you don’t have to be a member to golf there or need an invitation from one.

When you go to one of the world class golf destinations, there will also be a lot of things to do away from the course. These courses attract people from all over the world so the entire area serves the clientele.

If you do really want to mix in some debauchery, there are usually plenty of gentlemen’s clubs nearby those upscale golf courses, so do some research before you go and you’re sure to find some.

Make it interesting

As long as you aren’t rowdy on the course, you should make some games to keep it interesting and not your average golf outing.

Playing a game like Sixes is a great way to have groomsmen that don’t know each other well to loosen up. The way it is played is very simple. It is a best-ball game but with a twist. Every hole, the partners switch.

Since you’re not going to Vegas, maybe add something to up the ante to make it interesting. Strike 3 is a cash game where you all throw in an ante at the beginning. When the game is over, every player can cut their three worst holes and the one with the best score after that takes the pot.

Groomsmen gifts

You really have to nail the gifts for your groomsmen. Nothing cheesy, chintzy or something that will put in a draw forget about.

Some ideas that would go over well would be engraved flasks that can be kept in the golf bag. Again, don’t get rowdy with them though especially if you are on a high end course!

Personalized tees to play with or even a personalized small cooler for everybody will come in handy on your trip.


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