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Tiger Woods is Designing a 30 Million Golf Complex


During a visit to Chicago’s South Side, Tiger Woods was troubled to see no kids playing golf.

Mark Rolfing and Woods were in the front of about twelve golf carts at the South Shore in Jackson Park’s old golf courses, and they saw potential, but close by were teenagers playing tennis and basketball, which trouble them.

According to NBC’s Golf Analyst, Woods was pretty vocal and asked about the kids not being there close to ten times

Chicago’s golf businessmen have been thinking about renewing the park for years into an ambitious complex that could host not only the BMW Championship but the PGA Tour as well, and when Woods got to know about it, he was pretty skeptic.

Now, private money is beginning to be funnel towards the project, and the future seems bright to the century-old park.

The Tribune has just released the information that Tiger Woods himself committed to being the lead designer of the projects, and he stated that the possibilities for South Side’s inhabitants would be endless, adding that the field will be there for all to enjoy.

Indeed, the community could very well be playing online slots because it seems they got the jackpot as Mayor Rahm Emanuel is going to declare the CPGA, or Chicago Parks Golf Alliance, this next Sunday.

This new non-profit organization is going to be responsible for raising money for the project.

The 30 million dollar renovation is supposed to happen next spring, and the field is ready to have its eighteen holes championship and a par-3 course as soon as 2020.

Even though the project is already going well, the old Jackson Park will keep its doors open until 2019, so you have plenty of time to say goodbye to its old look.

Residents are guaranteed to have discounted tee times when the new park opens, as to enable the community to enjoy the new facilities.

Mayor Emanuel issued a statement, disclosed by the Tribune, in which he states that the new field will create a priceless recreational and economic asset for South Side.

The Western Golf Association and the soon to be CPGA will partner in promoting caddie programs and customizing the property to be suited to host a FedEx Cup playoff event and the 2021 BMW Championship.

The BMW Championship of 2017 is going to be hosted by Conway Farms, and the next year is going to be when the BMW is in Philadelphia. In 2019 it goes to Medinah, and this is the year in which the current WGA/BMW agreement ends.

Vince Pellegrino, WGA’s senior VP, states he would personally love to have an option in Chicago, especially if it provides the visitors with a good view of the city. The vice-president also adds that he is already seeing McCormick Place and Soldier Field as parking lots.

The No. 1 tee box is going to be, according to an initial plan the Tribune disclosed, at Jackson Park. President Obama personally called Tiger Woods encouraging him to be the project’s lead designer.

We think it is a wonderful project, and we’re sure golf fans throughout the world are going to follow this ambitious project with hopes it all goes as plan, especially the South Side community who have a lot to gain from the successful construction of the golfing complex.


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